SKYDIVING from 10,000 feet


Hi I'm back, well number 2 son has been gone for nearly 3 weeks and by all accounts and photos is having a great time. I would like to say that I kept it together at the airport, but unfortunately I was a complete mess! Managed to see him on "FaceTime" thingy and we are texting so staying in touch,  anyway enough about him, it's nearly Christmas and the bookings are coming in thick and fast and if you are all wondering where I'm going to put the tree, I'm not having 1 (solved that problem!), colour scheme all sorted, crackers ordered, opening times agreed, now all I have to do is keep Debbie ( see meet the team) under control, this women actually hops when she talks about Christmas, HOPS ! What on earth is that all about, she keeps trying to sneak Christmas songs on hoping that I won't notice, don't get me wrong I love a good Christmas jingle, but not in the first week on November!!! Anyway I'm off now and will hopefully speak to you all soon bye for now besties xx 

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Where shall I put the Christmas tree?


Back from hols and it was very nice too, thank you and straight into planning the silly season! Chef Tom (son number 1) has done the Christmas menus, bookings are coming in, and I'm thinking about the most important thing...........where shall I put the Christmas tree and what is going to be the colour scheme!!


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