Those of you may or may not know, but our pub has been home to Rosalind for many many years! If you haven't guessed it by now, she is the resident pub ghost!

Reportedly the ghost of a female teenager who people hear sobbing and crying at our 15th century former coaching inn. She is, as locals knew, Rosaline or Rosalind, and when seen, is wearing a misty veil. Rosaline was a Victorian girl who hung herself in despair after a broken & tragic love affair with the owner of the Inn. There have been many accounts of glasses disappearing from the bar, coincidentally with weeping sounds in the background. Our hand-bell, used in the pub to call time, has been set off well before drinking up time; on many many occasions. On several other occasions; barrels have been knocked from the stands in the cellar and we have held a poltergeist responsible! If you happen to get into the building early enough, the smell of burning toast can be sensed close to the entrance of our cellar, is Rosaline to blame?? Or just our clumsy chefs?

Don't let her put you off a visit though! Our living staff are said to have a very nice and kind friendship with her. She is one of our team.


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